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Why pay when you can have it for free?

PowerCore Technologies aims to offer high quality, paid software for FREE, by allowing a fair technology exchange between the end user and the software manufacturer.

If you are a company wanting to become our technology partner - let us know!

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What is PowerCore?

PowerCore is a global supercomputer that anyone can access. It's made up of the combined power of users' machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.

Why use PowerCore?

The PowerCore project offers shared computing power to companies, while users get free access to paid software for "renting" out their computing power. In exchange, companies pay for users’ software licenses. It’s a win-win deal.

Who can access PowerCore?

Anyone will be able to use PowerCore, for data and information processing to running any program you can think of. From CGI rendering, voice processing, checksum calculations,cryptocurrency transaction validation, stock market predictions, DNA analysis and a lot more.

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What happens on users’ PCs?

A data processing application runs in the background. It performs data processing operations while the PC’s processor is not being used by other more important applications. It doesn’t access any local data since the entire process takes places in isolated virtual containers. The user can choose when to allow PowerCore to function: some users may allow it to function all the time, others may choose to only allow it when the PC is idle.

It’s important to mention that PowerCore will not slow down the PC at all: it only uses the additional computing power that’s not needed by the PC. PowerCore's resource usage can be easily adjusted from the Settings window to a level that's most convenient for each user.

Safety concerns?

Operations are limited to your PC’s computing power only. No files on disk are accessed and your personal information is always secure. All processing requests that we receive from our partners are going through manual screening before being distributed to your PC. Please find below a list of applications started by PowerCore:

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Who can join the PowerCore network?

For now this is an invitation-only program. Only users with PCs that respect a few minimum power requirements are allowed to join. We take into account several factors like the number of CPU and GPU cores, the RAM memory and bus speed. If you are running software from one of our partner companies you will receive an invitation in case your PC is selected. We are a fast growing project so even if you didn’t get an invitation yet this might happen sooner than you think.

How do you receive the rewards?

By allowing PowerCore to run on your system, you will increase your computing rank every minute you spend in our network. An automatic reputation system attribute a rank to all participating PCs. You can always keep track of your progress and when you reached a certain level, you are notified about the license registration that you earned. For example, it might take up to 5 days to get a license key for the full version of an application. All this without paying anything; no registration, email address or credit card needed.

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Once I activate PowerCore do I have to do anything else?

No, you only have to wait. Everything is as simple as it looks: no registration, no email address requested, you just wait a few days for your free software license. By allowing PowerCore to work on your PC you are renting your processing power to other companies. In exchange, PowerCore Technologies pays for the software and gives you the registration code.

Although the default settings are the best choice for most users, several working patterns are available: always active, only when the PC is idle or locked, or between specific hours.

If you decide to stop using PowerCore for good - you can deactivate it from the menu. Once deactivated all traces of PowerCore will be removed from your PC.

How long does it take to get a software license?

This depends on each application. You can find the estimation in the Settings menu, under the PowerCore tab. Typically you will unlock 30 days licenses in about 5 days, 1 year licenses in another 30 days, and so on. If you set your PowerCore to function only a few hours each day it will take a bit longer to unlock a software license. It’s all up to you.

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How was PowerCore installed on my PC?

PowerCore was installed form one of our parters’ applications after you agreed to the usage conditions. If you dont recall this or simply want PowerCore off of your PC please go to the Windows Add/Remove applet and uninstall it from there. In case you encounter any trouble please let us know.